性质 Properties Symbol Unit Value References
Basic Physical and Chemical Properties CAS注册号 CAS Registry Number CASRN / 692-49-9(z) Scifinder®
中文名称 Chemical Name / / cis-1,1,1,4,4,4-Hexafluoro-2-butene
英文名称 English Name / / HFC 1336mzz,HFO 1336mzzm(z) Scifinder®
组成 Composition / / /
分子式 Molecular Formula / / C4H2F6 Scifinder®
结构式 Structure Formula / / CF3CH=CHCF3 Scifinder®
相对分子量 Molecular Weight MW / 164.05 Scifinder®
物理状态 Physical State / / liquid Syn Quest MSDS
气味 Odor / / Odorless DuPont MSDS
颜色 Color / / Clear DuPont MSDS
熔点 Melting Point mp -90.5
Syn Quest MSDS
Reaxys:Journal of the American Chemical Society,1949,vol.71,P.298
沸点 Boiling Point bp 8.7±8.0
Syn Quest MSDS
Reaxys:Journal of Fluorine chenistry,2011,vol.132,#12 P.1188-1193
饱和蒸汽压 Saturated Vapor Pressure(25℃) Psat MPa 0.1787 Scifinder®
液体密度 Liquid Density(25℃) dl g/cm3 1.356±0.06
Syn Quest MSDS
气体密度 Vapor Density(25℃, 101.325kPa) dg kg/m3
挥发性 Volatility / wt%
蒸发速度 Evaporation Rate(CCl4=1) / /
Critical Properties 临界温度 Critical Temperature Tc
临界压力 Critical Pressure Pc MPa
临界体积 Critical Volume Vc cm3/mol
临界密度 Critical Density ρc kg/m3
临界压缩因子 Critical Compressibility Factor Zc /
液体压缩因子 Liquid Compressibility Factor Z /
气体压缩因子 Vapor Compressibility Factor Z /
偏心因子 Acentric Factor ω /
Thermophysical Properties 液体焓 Liquid Enthalpy H kJ/kg
气体焓 Vapor Enthalpy H kJ/kg
液体熵 Liquid Entropy S kJ/kg·K
气体熵 Vapor Entropy S kJ/kg·K
生成焓 Enthalpy of Formation(25℃) ΔfHO kJ/mol
蒸发焓 Enthalpy of Vaporization ΔvH kJ/kg 150.14 Scifinder®
液体等压热容 Liquid Isobaric Heat Capacity(25℃) Cp kJ/kg·K
气体等压热容 Vapor Isobaric Heat Capacity(25℃) Cp kJ/kg·K
液体等容热容 Liquid Isochoric heat capacity(25℃) Cv kJ/kg·K
气体等容热容 Vapor Isochoric heat capacity(25℃) Cv kJ/kg·K
Solubility 偶极矩 Dipole Moment μ D
解离常数 Dissociation Constant
清洗能力 KB
水中溶解度 Solubility in Water(23℃) / ppm wt/wt 920 Scifinder®
贝壳松脂丁醇值 Kauri-Butanol Value KB /
辛醇/水分配系数 Octanol/Water Partition Coefficient LogP / 0.433±0.547 Scifinder®
Hildabrand溶解度参数 Hildabrand Solubility Parameter δ cal/ml
Other Properties 液体焦耳-汤姆逊系数 Liquid Joule-Thomson Coefficient JT ℃/MPa
气体焦耳-汤姆逊系数 Vapor Joule-Thomson Coefficient JT ℃/MPa
液体粘度 Liquid Viscosity(25℃) η mPa·s
气体粘度 Vapor Viscosity(25℃) η mPa·s
液体导热系数 Liquid Thermal Conductivity(25℃) λ mW/m·K 10.7 DuPont MSDS
气体导热系数 Vapor Thermal Conductivity(25℃) λ mW/m·K
液体介电常数 Liquid Dielectric Constant ε F/m 20.820 Reaxys:Journal of the American Chemical Society,1949,vol.71,P.298
气体介电常数 Gas Dielectric Constant ε F/m
液体体积电阻系数 Liquid Volume Resistivity(1kHz) ρ Ω·cm
气体体积电阻系数 Gas Volume Resistivity(1kHz) ρ Ω·cm
表面张力 Surface Tension(25℃) γ mN/m
液体声速 Liquid Sound Velocity u m/s
气体声速 Vapor Sound Velocity u m/s
最低灭火浓度 Minimum Extinguishment Concentration MEC %
Atmospheric Effects 臭氧消耗潜能值 Ozone Depletion Potential ODP / 0 DuPont MSDS
全球变暖潜能值 Global Warming Potential(100yr) GWP / 9.4 DuPont MSDS
大气寿命 Atmospheric Life / yr 0.066 DuPont MSDS
光化学臭氧合成潜能 photochemica lozone creation potential POCP /
全球温度潜势 global temperature change potential(100yr) GTP / 0 Global Warming Potentials and Radiative Efficiencies of Halocarbons and Related Compounds: A Comprehensive Review, Accepted for publication in Rev. Geophys
Flammability 闪点 Flash Point / -21.4±10.4
自燃点 Autoignition Point /
燃烧下限 Lower Flammability Limit LFL %vol None DuPont MSDS
燃烧上限 Upper Flammability Limit UFL %vol None DuPont MSDS
燃烧热 Heat of Combustion HOC MJ/kg
最小点火能 Minimum Ignition Energy MIE mJ
燃烧速度 Burning Velocity Su cm/s
可燃浓度限值 ASHRAE Flammable Concentration Limit FCL ppm v/v
最大燃烧压力 Maximum Combustion Pressure 105Pa
最大燃烧压力上升速率 Maximum Rate of Pressure Increase During Combustion
Toxicity RTECS号 Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances® Number / /
接近致死浓度 Approximate Lethal Concentration ALC ppm v/v
半数致死浓度 Lethal Concentration 50% LC50 ppm v/v >102900 DuPont MSDS
心脏致敏最低作用剂量 Cardiac Sensitization Lowest Observed Effect Level LOEL ppm v/v 25000 DuPont MSDS
心脏致敏最高无作用剂量 Cardiac Sensitization No Observed Effect Level NOEL ppm v/v 12500 DuPont MSDS
麻醉效应半数作用浓度 Anesthesia Effective Concentration 50% EC50 ppm v/v
麻醉效应最低作用剂量 Anesthesia Lowest Observed Effect Level LOEL ppm v/v
麻醉效应最高无作用剂量 Anesthesia No Observed Effect Level NOEL ppm v/v
28天亚急性吸入毒性 28 Days Subacute Inhalation Toxicity NOEL ppm v/v 2500 DuPont MSDS
90天亚慢性吸入毒性 90 Days Subchronic Inhalation Toxicity NOEL ppm v/v
一年长期吸入毒性 Long Term Inhalation Toxicity (12 month) NOEL ppm v/v
两年长期吸入毒性 Long Term Inhalation Toxicity (24 month) NOEL ppm v/v
立即威胁生命和健康浓度 NIOSH Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health IDLH ppm v/v
缺氧限值 ASHRAE Oxygen Deprivation Limit ODL ppm v/v
急性毒性暴露限值 ASHRAE Acute Toxicity Exposure Limit ATEL ppm v/v
制冷剂浓度限值 ASHRAE Refrigerant Concentration Limit RCL ppm v/v
职业接触限值 ASHRAE Occupational Exposure Limit OEL ppm v/v
时间加权平均阈限值 ACGIH Threshold Limit Value-Time-Weighted Average TLV-TWA ppm v/v
允许暴露水平 OSHA Permissible Exposure Level PEL ppm v/v
工作环境暴露水平 AIHA Workplace Environmental Exposure Level WEEL ppm v/v
可接受暴露限值 Dupont Acceptable Exposure Limit AEL ppm v/v 500 DuPont MSDS
ASHRAE安全等级 ASHRAE Safety Group / /
嗅觉阈值 Odor Threshold / ppm v/v
大型水蚤半数作用浓度水生态毒性 Aquatic Toxicity of 48h Daphnia Magna Effective Concentration 50% EC50 mg/L
虹鳟鱼半数致死浓度水生态毒性 Aquatic Toxicity of 96h Rainbow Trout Lethal Concentration 50% LC50 mg/L
降解产物 Degradation Products carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen fluoride SynQuest Laboratories, Inc MSDS